Battle of the Nations Leipzig Oct 2013

Despite being outnumbered, Napoleon planned to take the offensive between the Pleisse and the Parthe rivers. The position at Leipzig offered several advantages for a resourceful commander. The rivers that converged there split the surrounding terrain into many separate sectors. Holding Leipzig and its bridges, Napoleon could shift troops from one sector to another far more rapidly than could the Allies, who had difficulty commanding such a large number of troops in a single sector of fighting.[7]
The northern front was defended by marshals Ney and Marmont, and the eastern front by MacDonald. Artillery reserve and parks, ambulances and baggages stood near Leipzig. The bridges on Pleisse and Elster River were defended by infantry and few guns. The main battery stood in reserve, and during battle was to be be deployed on the Gallows Height. This battery was to be commanded by Drouot himself. The western flank of French positions at Wachau and Liebertwolkwitz was defended by Poniatowski and Augereau and his French young conscripts

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